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SCITT Subject Leaders

Our SCITT Subject Leads (Primary and Secondary) support our aim to develop trainees with exceptional levels of subject knowledge who will develop into expert teachers.

Our SCITT Subject Leads are experts in their subject and design a research-led Subject Knowledge Curriculum and Subject Audit for our trainees.

Secondary Subject Leaders

SCITT Subject Lead for Geography: Elle Buckley

SCITT Subject Lead for History: Jade Timperley

SCITT Subject Lead for PE: Rick Christopherson

SCITT Subject Lead for MFL: Deb Cano Whittwell

SCITT Subject Lead for Music: Jennie Dale

 SCITT Subject Lead for Computing: Matt Jones

SCITT Subject Lead for English: Lucy McConaghy

SCITT Subject Lead for Maths: Jon Petyt

SCITT Subject Lead for Science: Jeanette Owen

SCITT Subjct Lead for STEM: Laura Morris

SCITT Subject Lead for Drama: Ceri Bugg

SCITT Subject Lead for Design Technology: Leanne Parry

SCITT Subject Lead for Religious Studies: Georgia Murphy

Primary Subject Leaders

In addition to the Centralised SCITT Curriculum, our Primary Trainees receive Subject Knowledge Development sessions on the following areas, delivered by Primary experts:

  • Phonics Overview: Marie Mottram
  • Phonics Assessment (Y1 Assessment): Marie Mottram
  • Phonics programmes & different approaches to the Teaching of Reading: Marie Mottram
  • Guided Reading: Sarah Clarke
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: Sarah Clarke/Marie Mottram
  • Progression in Writing: Julie Riddell/Sarah Clarke
  • Maths: Jane Antrobus
  • Science: Michael Jerreat
  • EAL: Sarah Williams
  • SEND: Sarah Williams
  • Early Years: Leigh Ann Bath
  • Computing: Sangeetha Colclough
  • Humanities (Geography): Hayley Britton
  • Humanities (History): Liz Harper
  • PE: Leigh Ann Mellor
  • Music: Lorraine Chadwick
  • Design Technology: Patricia Goodwin
  • ECO: Evangeline Defreitas
  • RE: Charlotte Rowley
  • MFL: Lorraine Chadwick
  • Art: Patricia Goodwin