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SCITT Ambassadors


Elle (SCITT Secondary Trainee Alumni)

  • SCITT Training 2016-2017
  • Current Role: Teacher of Geography, SCITT Subject Lead for Geography


Why Teaching?

Teaching had always been a potential career option for me ever since school. I think most of this came from the positive experience I had at school myself and the relationships I had with the teachers there. I had a great deal of respect for my teachers, their knowledge and the dedication they put into pushing students to reaching their full potential. It was this that first fuelled my ambition to follow in their footsteps and become a teacher.

Why SJC SCITT teacher training?

I chose the SJC SCITT for many different reasons. The main reason for my choice was the fact that it was school-based training; it felt like I could get a full appreciation of the role required as a teacher whilst getting the support from mentors and other established staff around me. After many years in education studying, I wanted a course where it was more immersive of a school environment rather than being based in a lecture theatre.

What are the rewards of the course? 

The key reward of the SJC SCITT course was how it prepared me for my NQT year and subsequent teaching years. With the school-based programme, I felt like a member of staff from the beginning and was treated like a member of staff by other colleagues and students. The gradual increase in timetable with the support of my mentors, made the progression seem natural. By the end of the course, I felt ready to lead lessons independently and handle a busy timetable workload which would soon be required of me in my first teaching job. Being based in a lead school allowed me to get to know the routines, staff and students well and it was extremely rewarding to not only see my own progression throughout the year, but that of the students that had been in my class too. 

What are the challenges of the course?

It is undeniable that your teacher training year is challenging. One of the main challenges is keeping organised. Between planning lessons, updating your subject knowledge and collecting evidence against the teaching standards, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Time management is a skill that you will begin to master. It is important to keep organised in order to get everything done and remain doing the activities you like to do in your spare time, it is critical to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Describe the support you received during your training with SJC SCITT.

The support I received during my training with the SCITT was amazing. The SCITT leaders were incredibly supportive in all aspects of the training from advice on behaviour management in the classroom to interview practice. My subject mentor considerably helped me in developing my subject knowledge and understanding how to actually plan a lesson. It was great to be able to sit down with someone and share ideas in lesson planning. This support did not just end there, after each lesson I delivered there was a very important dialogue between me and my mentor on strengths of the lesson and targets for the next lesson. This personal feedback and professional advice considerably developed my teaching practice. However, it is not just designated mentors that were fundamental in my training year but also the staff in the school around me. It was extremely beneficial to be so supported by the people around me and to draw on the wealth of expertise around the school.

What leadership opportunities has the SCITT prepared you for since qualifying?

Since qualifying as a teacher, I have started to plan and deliver SCITT training sessions for the subsequent cohorts of trainee teachers. I feel that the support that the programme provided enabled me to feel confident enough to deliver sessions myself and having had a personal experience of the training programme, impart some of the things that helped me during my training. In 2020 I was appointed as the SCITT Subject Lead for Geography. My leadership role involves taking responsibility for the SCITT Subject Knowledge Curriculum for Geography and the design of the Geography Subject Audit.

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Lucy (SCITT Secondary English Trainee Alumni)

  • SCITT Training: 2015-16
  • Current Role: Assistant Head of Year 13, Teacher of English, SCITT Subject Leader for English.
  • Other roles to date: Literacy Co-ordinator


Why Teaching?

Maternity leave gave me a good opportunity to sit back and take stock of my achievements in a career in another field, but also to think about what I was lacking.  I wanted a job working with young people, hoping to inspire in them a similar love for my subject that I feel.  I also wanted to feel every day like I could make a difference to someone’s life. 

Why SJC SCITT teacher training?

After exploring the available options, I felt that a school based route was best for me as it provides the opportunity to fully immerse yourself within a school community and in the role of a teacher from the outset, with real responsibilities.  I also felt it would be realistic preparation for the daily life of a teacher once qualified.  I knew St Josephs by reputation and was impressed with my interactions with the SCITT team during the application process. 

What are the rewards of the course? 

Fully immersed within and considered a part of a school from Day 1, spending every day with like-minded people passionate about making a difference, and of course the young people you encounter and have the privilege to teach and get to know! 

What are the challenges of the course?

Managing a fairly full workload whilst still learning and honing your teaching skills can be challenging at times. On a personal level aspects of the course are some of he hardest things I have done, in terms of learning from mistakes. 

Describe the support you received during your training with SJC SCITT.

My subject and professional mentors in both school placements were always supportive and encouraged me to take risks and develop my own teaching style.  There was a realisation of the competing demands of undertaking the training programme as a working parent, and support and advice was always available.  This advice has continued in a professional capacity from applying for first roles to continued professional development post-SCITT.  

What leadership opportunities has the SCITT prepared you for since qualifying?

The SCITT gave me opportunities to take on responsibility and lead even as a trainee teacher. For me this included things like preparing department-wide lessons for special events, involvement in organising trips and planning whole schemes of work, which has been useful preparation for the role of 2nd in department.  Since you are regarded as a full member of staff from the outset, your ideas are respected and you are given opportunities to succeed. 

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Rhiannon (SCITT Secondary Maths Trainee Alumni)

  • SCITT Training: 2014-15
  • Current Role: Assistant Principal responsible for Maths across an academy trust. Specialist Leader in Mathematics in Stoke-On-Trent.


I have always wanted to be a teacher, in particular, in my hometown of Stoke-On-Trent. I applied to the SJC SCITT as I felt the route into teaching suited me. I wanted to get straight into it and have as much experience as possible in a classroom. I felt it was important I was looked upon as a member of staff by pupils as I started on day 1 of the term.

The teacher training sessions on a Wednesday afternoon also meant having almost a full week of school experience for an entire year. The support I received during my training year was exceptional, from both my lead school and SJC SCITT which enables me to have such fond memories of my training year.

Training to become a teacher is challenging and you have a rollercoaster of emotions due to each day being so different. It is the year of many firsts and you spend a lot of your time learning what “not” to do in situations all whilst being fully supported by the SJC SCITT. On the other hand, it is an incredibly rewarding profession and training through SJC SCITT really highlights the rewards of teaching. Every single day you impact the lives of young adults in Stoke-On-Trent and support them to achieve their aspirations.

Since qualifying I have since been promoted three times, initially to Lead Practitioner of Math, then to Head of Maths and now as Assistant Principal responsible for Maths across an academy trust, whilst also being an SLE for the last 3 years in Stoke-On-Trent. I thoroughly believe SJC SCITT provided me with not only an exceptional teacher training but also developed my leadership skills.

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John (SCITT Secondary Science Trainee Alumni)

  • SCITT Training: 2013-2014
  • Current Role: Teacher of Science, Professional Mentor, SCITT QA Leader

Why Teaching?

I chose teaching because I was inspired by those who taught me. I wanted to be able to instil the same feeling that my teachers allowed me to have when I was in school.

Why SJC SCITT teacher training? 

When I was deciding my Teacher Training route I was pretty done with University, essay's and deadlines. I wanted something that would provide me with instant experience and feedback, something where I could learn 'on the job'. The benefit of the St. Joseph's SCITT is that it is attached to a consistently 'outstanding' school so I knew the support would be high quality and that my placement school would be local, something other courses couldn't guarantee!!!

What are the rewards of the course? 

The rewards of the course are largely found in the people involved. Both staff and Students. To be able to learn from outstanding practitioners was fantastic and to feel like you're making an almost immediate impact in the Stoke-on-Trent education system was a privileged. You also have the reward of being able to progress as quickly as your ability allows, if you display solid features as a Trainee the course allows you to really push yourself and your development forward. 

What are the challenges of the course?

The challenges of the course go hand in hand with the rewards. Stoke-on-Trent can be a tough place to teach, especially when you're first starting, but it is an area where the quality of education is rapidly improving, this probably links quite strongly to the work the SCITT course does of preparing you for your career. To be the best you have to work for it, if you're driven enough this isn't really a challenge at all!

Describe the support you received during your training with SJC SCITT

The support you receive is the SCITT's biggest strength. Throughout my training I was able to draw from the thoughts of an 'outstanding' mentor with vast past experience in a variety of educational settings. I was made to feel part of a high performing department and received support from all over my school. We all received additional support in the form of weekly central training sessions that shared collective development areas.    

What leadership opportunities has the SCITT prepared you for since qualifying?  

Leadership is something that really appealed to me throughout my training. I ensured I surrounded myself with staff who were in positions I would one day want to fill and tried to learn as much about their roles as I could. The SCITT course has directly led me to a Middle Leaders course called NPQML. I have also been lucky enough to be invited back by the SCITT course to quality assure their current trainees, this not only helps their development but allows me to be a more effective, evaluative practitioner in my own right.

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Lizzie (SCITT Secondary Drama Trainee Alumni)

  • SCITT Training: 2018-2019
  • Current Role: Teacher of Drama and Dance

Why Teaching?

I have always enjoyed helping others, especially those younger than me. I always wanted to go into teaching but it took me a few years after university to feel ready.

Why SJC SCITT teacher training?

I actually live in Chester,  but the SCITT at SJC felt so right! I wanted to have as much contact time with schools as possible as I have always learned better with a hands on approach. I didn’t want to go back to university if I could help it and when I first learned about the course it seemed perfect. The SJC SCITT team tailored the course around me. I applied for the SCITT for Drama teacher but as my degree is in Dance the SCITT was great at allowing me craft my two specialists subjects throughout my training year. This set me up in great stead for my current job.

What are the rewards of the course? 

Mixing with other trainees from different subjects who can offer and support you in a school environment. We had the opportunity to meet some fantastic experts in the teaching community and all of which offered invaluable information that to this day we still use. The mentors and subject specialists that guide you through your year are so supportive and because you are learning on the job have so many more opportunities to join in school events that you would potentially miss out on doing a PGCE like assisting with Duke of Edinburgh and Sports Day.

What are the challenges of the course?

This course allows you to dive straight into the deep end. You are in the classroom straight away with students and teachers and for me this made me the teacher I am. You get out of the course what you put in and this was very rewarding for me. You have the opportunity to create those relationships with students that you wouldn’t get if doing a short placement and this enables you to be challenged in a pastoral role and being relied upon as being a member of staff in that school.

Describe the support you received during your training with SJC SCITT.

One of the biggest highlights for me whilst completing the SCITT at SJC was the support I received throughout my training year. I had two mentors at different schools who went above and beyond to support me on my teaching journey and both mentors I am still in contact with. These mentors are with you from the beginning and they make you feel so welcome and part of the team. The mentors are a credit to the SCITT and make the SCITT a unique, personalised programme.

What leadership opportunities has the SCITT prepared you for since qualifying?

As the subjects I teach tend to have small Departments, I was given opportunities straight away to help towards adding to the schools curriculum. Due to the support I received, I felt confident creating schemes of work that were effective, enjoyable and challenging for the students, which I even spoke to the head teacher about. Since then, I have had no problem in contributing to my current school with new schemes of work and constantly adapting to what is best for the students. I was also able to watch and work with heads of year who were very passionate about their roles and this really helped me understand which path I wanted to take when I became a teacher. This enabled me to have the confidence to shadow a head of year at my current school with the potential of becoming one myself when I am ready.

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Scarlet (SCITT Secondary Geography Trainee Alumni) 

Why Teaching?

Teaching and inspiring the younger generation has always been a major passion throughout my life, this has been of interest from my own participation at school to present day my primary motivation is for pupils’ personal growth to enrich their lives. I strive for personal and professional fulfilment in this career. Teaching presents the opportunity to progress professionally and transfer my knowledge and skills into delivering ‘excellence’ in education.

Why SJC SCITT teacher training?

Experience school centered training through the SCITT provided me with an opportunity to remain in a school setting with optimism of starting in a school faster and represent me as successful practitioner whilst developing QTS status. The SCITT program was the best option for me to develop my skills in practice, it provided the opportunity to take on responsibility and develop awareness of the daily expectations and routines of a teacher whilst being fully supported by my mentors and the SCITT leads. On reflection, this course has allowed me to develop my own teaching style, independence, and professional development in a realistic setting. This has made the transition from trainee to teacher effortless.

What are the rewards of the course? 

The SCITT program has been extremely rewarding it has developed my proficiency and experience within the teaching profession. I have developed the capacity to be self-reflective and listen to feedback and act on it promptly, this placed me in a good position for my first teaching position to enhance my professional practice. I have seen first-hand the positive impact that teaching can have on children’s lives and the contribution to developing well rounded individuals. SCITT has also provided me with the opportunity for my own personal development, I feel confident in my ability to teach and to aim for career progression.

What are the challenges of the course?

Maintaining a work life balance and teaching a full timetable was challenging at times, however the support of the SCITT program and regular reflection on targets alleviated any challenges and made training manageable.

Describe the support you received during your training with SJC SCITT.

Throughout the longevity of the course, I received support from my subject and professional mentors. I was supported in achieving my aspirations and to take risks when necessary. I was supported with the management of teaching a full timetable whilst training and meeting a work life balance. Advice was always given, and regular meetings were set to discuss any issues. This support has continued in a professional capacity from applying for first roles to continued professional development post-SCITT.

What leadership opportunities has the SCITT prepared you for since qualifying? 

The SCITT has provided me with opportunities to take on responsibility and challenges, it has assisted my motivation and drive to develop professionally. On completion of the SCITT program I have undertaken trip planning, charity events, became Youth Mania Lead and undertaken an assistant role for the Duke of Edinburgh award. Additionally, I have facilitated the support of transition events and developed my CPD practice through the SCITT. The SCITT has supported my drive to succeed and develop professionally and personally and facilitated any courses required to obtain it.

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Tracey (SCITT Professional Mentor)

  • SCITT Professional Mentor
  • Current Role: Associate Assistant Head for Basics and ITT


I firmly believe that teaching is the best profession in the world and it is my great pleasure to act as SCITT Professional mentor in a SCITT Partnership school. Having held many roles in my teaching career, including Head of Year and Head of English I truly feel that mentoring draws together all my previous roles and I feel honoured to assist in supporting teachers in the early stage of their career. I love the context afforded by working in Stoke-on-Trent and I see the work done by the SCITT, and us as mentors as absolutely vital in securing the best possible education for the next generation of the city. We are incredibly proud to be affiliated with St Joseph’s SCITT and are thrilled with SCITT Trainees they employ.

Charlotte (SCITT Professional Mentor)

  • SCITT Professional Mentor
  • Current Role: Lead Practitioner of Staff Development, ITT Co-ordinator


I have held the role of ITT Co-ordinator a SCITT Partnership school for the past 8 years and thoroughly enjoy the post. Meeting new aspiring teachers each year is an absolute pleasure and having an instrumental role in supporting them through training towards their QTS is something that I am extremely passionate about.

My role involves:

  • Co-ordinating subject mentors at the academy, to ensure a good match between trainee and mentor
  • Attending steering groups and development meetings
  • Scheduling fortnightly, hour long meetings with each trainee to support their teacher training
  • Ensuring observations are constructive, informative and are completed in line with the course deadlines
  • Creating a bespoke CPD calendar to support successful pedagogy which compliments the SCITT central training program
  • Ensuring paperwork is quality assured to the acceptable standard expected of course leaders.

We also ensure that other trainees placed in our academy have time to meet regularly throughout the year to share their experiences, strengths and concerns, as having peer to peer support is key to ensuring successful development.

In addition to the roles and responsibilities of my position I strongly believe that mentoring teachers of the future is a privileged post to hold. I pride myself on being available as often as possible to coach, mentor and guide the trainees I meet, in order for them to be the best teacher they can be. I believe that the school-centred initial teacher training route that St Joseph’s offer is an excellent route into teaching, as it provides practical experience in a professional ‘real-life setting’. We have worked closely with St Joseph’s teaching school for many years and trainees that have been placed with us at the academy consistently complete the year as good/outstanding teachers. Many have continued to work within the academy following successful completion of their NQT year. I strongly feel that creating outstanding teachers for the future is instrumental to the continued development and improvement of education. Since becoming a parent myself, I feel it is even more important to ensure that the teachers of the future join the profession to make a difference that can both inspire and improve the life chances of young people.